github kubermatic/kubecarrier v0.3.0


Revised Authentication Configuration [breaking]

Order of authentication providers can be configured.
Anonymous authentication can be enabled alongside OICD or Static Users.

KindOverride fields removed [breaking]

kindOverride fields have been removed from CustomResourceDiscovery and DerivedCustomResource objects. KubeCarrier is no longer touching the kind field and relies on changing the API Group in apiVersion.

Import Paths Changed [breaking]

KubeCarrier is now imported via our own vanity import

Storage Version exposed via KubeCarrier API

The storageVersion, aka the API version that does not need version conversion is now exposed via the KubeCarrier API and should be preferred as the default API version for clients.

Known Bugs

KubeCarrier object stuck in Unknown state

After installing KubeCarrier, the KubeCarrier instance state is shown as Unknown, this is just a display bug and does not affect the installation.


KubeCarrier pause flag

Using the pause flag on KubeCarrier operator objects might lead to unstable behavior. Please don't use this flag until a patch release is available.



fd27811 Increase make generate performance on Mac by using delegated mount mode (#536)
d207603 Use Ower handling from controller-runtime (#534)
8ed5073 Add roadmap to readme (#535)
39a3142 Deprecate KindOverride fields and use internal api group. (#531)
7523a58 Use vanity import (#533)
d9f4ace Enable make docs in make generate (#532)
acd3183 Use vanity import (#528)
eb58785 rename service catalog to service hub (#529)
3a73522 add crd version storage flag (#526)
1043c91 Add common labels to service selector, to avoid service endpoint overlap (#525)
9c916ea Use NewKindWithCache (#521)
042fdaa Expose log level in KubeCarrier CRD (#516)
78f7f02 Enable verbose for boilerplate (#520)
0ab9933 Replace sudo chown with --user flag in docker (#519)
b0d7847 use kubermatic-labs/boilerplate (#500)
bf0eaea Update prow configuration to use the v6 dev image (#518)
65349f7 Fix customResourceDiscoverySet controller (#514)
8458e38 Added missing age field to printer columns (#515)
44b0896 Added boilerplate to dev image (#513)
370dd99 increased APIServer limits (#511)
fdfe778 move validate-prow-yaml job to infra repo (#512)
04e2484 Removed unnecessary logging (#509)
81bfd0b Added aditional users to test htpasswd secret (#508)
88784df add auth schema with auth providers order (#499)
ae2f425 Add paused flag (#502)
faa27ae Migrate KubeCarrier to use kubermatic/utils. (#503)
addf2df added boilerplate binary to test.Dockerfile (#501)
1a3e9cb add paused flag to catapult (#497)

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