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14 days ago

Overview: Kubecost v2.2 is considered an edge release with many new features:


  • New External Costs page provides cost monitoring for third party services. Currently supports plugin integration for Datadog costs
  • New cost metric for Carbon emissions equivalent added to Allocation and Assets pages
  • Simplified multi-cluster Prometheus (AMP/Thanos/GMP/Mimir) without the need for shared object-storage


  • Enabled feature gates that Kubecost docs have indicated were Enterprise only, but not enforced - this includes some savings related to multi-cluster and eks-optimized.
  • Enhanced diagnostics on clusters overview page (more to come)
  • Collections now supports exporting to CSV and PDF formats
  • Forecasting improvements for Allocations, Assets, and Cloud Costs
  • Enabled authentication with EKS Pod Identities
  • Enabled authentication with Azure Workload Identities support with Federated ETL
  • Added UI status indicator to display if backups are configured
  • [Enterprise Only] HA Mode - phase 1: Frontend always available during restarts, UI status indicator
  • [Enterprise Only] Multi-cluster cluster right-sizing improvements with added support for high scale environments
  • Added support for filter-based continuous right-sizing
  • Added quantile support for Request Right-Sizing Recommendations page
  • Added pagination support to the Collections page
  • Fixed broken links in UI to product documentation
  • Reduced default Prometheus retention from 15 days to 97 hours for stability


  • Fixed issues with shared cost breakdown
  • Fixed the ability to use hourly data for request-sizing based on window availability
  • Fixed onDemand pricing by node
  • Fixed issues with kubectl cost predict working with new v2.0 Aggregator architecture
  • Changed values.yaml tolerations properties from {} to []
  • Update frontend /healthz endpoint to be accessible with OIDC installations
  • Cleaned up services created in agent-only configuration
  • AllowsLOG_LEVEL to be configured for network costs daemonset
  • Removed free trial days remaining count in UI when using an Enterprise license
  • Fixed an error which prevented the /allocation/trends API from functioning.
  • Fixed a bug that broke Kubecost UI for SAML users after helm upgrades

Dependency changes

  • Updated kubecost/prometheus-config-reloader image from v0.71.2 to v0.72.0
  • Updated kiwigrid/k8s-sidecar image from 1.25.4 to 1.26.0
  • Updated grafana/grafana image from 10.3.1 to 10.3.4
  • Updated prometheus/prometheus from v2.49.1 to v2.50.1
  • Updated prometheus/alertmanager from v0.26.0 to v0.27.0
  • Updated from v0.1.3 to v0.1.5
  • Added image curlimages/curl:latest when using externalCosts plugin

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