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5.6.2 May 2023


  • Adding shouldHaveSameInstantAs matcher for OffsetDateTime. Fixes #3488 by @Kantis in #3501

Property testing

  • Fixes a problem with property testing on Apple platforms #3506
  • Reverts behaviour of Arb.string() to only generate Strings of printable ascii characters
    • 5.6.0 changed it to include some control characters, see #3513 for details
  • Fix huge allocation for OffsetDateTime Arb without arguments by @rescribet in #3491
  • Fix edgecases by @myuwono in #3496



⚠️ Reverted behavior of Arb.string()

With Kotest 5.6.0, Codepoint.ascii() was changed to include a wider range of ascii chararacters, and Codepoint.printableAscii() was introduced with the historic range used by Codepoint.ascii().

Arb.string() has been using Codepoint.ascii() as it's default for generating chars for the string. This caused issues for some users, and we decided to revert Arb.string() to the historic behavior by changing the default to the new Codepoint.printableAscii().

Hopefully this doesn't cause any issues for you. If it does, you can revert to the 5.6.0 ~ 5.6.1 behavior by using Codepoint.ascii() explicitly.

If you added explicit usage of Codepoint.printableAscii() to circumvent the issue, you can safely remove the explicit parameter starting with Kotest 5.6.2.

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v5.6.1...v5.6.2

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