github kotest/kotest v5.5.5

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7 months ago
  • Support coroutineTestScope globally (#3383)
  • Improved double and float tolerance messages (#3355)
  • Nested Data Driven Tests is not displayed as nested in Intellij #3341
  • Fixed writing seeds when test name contains a colon on windows (#3304)
  • withClue() fails with EmptyStackException if a coroutine switches threads #2447
  • Use TestDispatcher inside beforeInvocation callbacks (#3363)
  • Make checkCoverage checking against provided pairs (#3344)
  • Kotest runner junit5 jvm has vulnerable transative dependency CVE-2021-29425 #3364
  • Fix sequence matchers for constrained sequences (#3336)
  • Print full path in JunitXmlReporter when useTestPathAsName is enabled instead of just leaf and first parent #3347
  • Support { } lambdas as lazy clues (#3348)
  • Use 'language injection' on assertions, so embedded languages are easier to use in IntelliJ #2916
  • Removing default location for htmlReporter and using the default value from the constructor (#3306)
  • Arb.bigDecimal should generate decimals which terminate with all kinds of terminal digit #3282
  • Check enums using equals method instead of scanning their properties (#3291)
  • Add BlockHound support (#3308)
  • Matchers return this. (#2945)
  • Added shouldMatchResource, shouldNotMatchResource matchers (#2945)
  • Added matchExactly matcher for Maps #3246
  • Fix dumping config when systemProperty set to true (#3275)
  • Returning the original failure when ErrorCollector has only collected a single failure (#3269)

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