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3 years ago

Bugfix: Dkotest.tags.include= only takes into account @tags #1536 sksamuel
Bugfix: Ensure exhaustive isn't build with an empty list #1549 Cleidiano Oliveira
Bugfix: Add concurrent spec runner and fix sequential spec runner #1547 sksamuel
Bugfix: Take into account range for IntShrinker and LongShrinker #1535 sksamuel
Feature: Support expressions for tags as an alternative to include/exclude #863 sksamuel
Feature: Expand some matchers to Iterable #1538 Leonardo Colman Lopes
Improvement: Add the ability to make parameter substitutions when executing http files #1560 Shane Lathrop
Improvement: Added xGiven / xWhen / xThen options to Behavior spec #1534 sksamuel
Improvement: Added nicer syntax for Test Containers sksamuel
Improvement: Restore context to describe #1565 sksamuel
Breaking Change: Updates method signature of assertSoftly to take object under test as argument Ashish Kumar Joy

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