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Release 3.2.0

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4 years ago
  • Feature: Support for coroutines directly from tests #386
  • Feature: Isolation mode added to more finely control the instances in which tests execute #379
  • Feature: When re-running tests, execute previously failing specs first #388
  • Feature: Support for @before and @after in AnnotationSpec for easier migration from JUnit #513
  • Feature: Support package selectors in discovery #461
  • Improvement: The test listeners have been reworked to make them more powerful and clearer #494
  • Improvement: Better support for multi-line string comparisions #402
  • Improvement: Gen.oneOf should be covariant #471
  • Improvement: Double should have oppostive matchers for shouldBePositive and shouldBeNegative #435
  • Improvement: New matchers #393 #325
  • Bugfix: BehaviorSpec doesn't allow config bug #495
  • Bugfix: Error when throwing AssertionError from inside a shouldThrow{} block #479
  • Bugfix: Fix test timeouts #476
  • Bugfix: Fix annotation spec failure message #539
  • Internal: Build now uses Kotlin 1.3 #379
  • Internal: Upgraded class scanning to use ClassGraph instead of Reflections #459

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