github koreader/koreader v2018.06.02-beta

This release debuts the new KOReader logo, courtesy of @AliLozano. We're very happy with it!


MuPDF has been updated to version 1.13, which means there is now basic support for tables in EPUB in that rendering engine.

We'd like to thank all contributors for their efforts. Some highlights include:

  • Various AppImage improvements (#3868, #3884, #3892, #3893) @Frenzie
  • README: add new logo and links from homepage (#3881) @Frenzie
  • [chore] A round of Kobo specific script cleanup (#3876) @NiLuJe
  • [fix, spec] Stop the kobo_touch_probe test from causing problems for other tests. (#3877) @edorfaus
  • [spec] Replace custom assert[Not]AlmostEquals with[_not].near (#3885) @edorfaus
  • Wiki saved as EPUB: stylesheet fix (#3894) @poire-z
  • cre hyphenation: allow for setting min left/right fragment length (#3890) @poire-z
  • Fix the bug where "Press" key does not open config menu on Kindle 4 NT (#3898) @insraq
  • [fix] tar args order & Kobo IR grid regression (#3895) @NiLuJe
  • Update OTA mirrors (#3901) @NiLuJe
  • [Menusorter] Ignore warning for the plus_menu. (#3903) @onde2rock
  • ImageViewer: allow viewing a list of images @poire-z
  • Many crengine fixes @poire-z
  • [CI] Add a check to detect tab in lua files (#3919) @onde2rock
  • bump base for MuPDF 1.13.0 (#3927) Thanks very much to @TnS-hun
  • CloudStorage: Allow use reserved characters in FTP username and FTP password (#3924) @robert00s
  • Add HTML widget in GoodReads review (#3929) @robert00s
  • Close filemanger after open last document (#3933) @robert00s
  • Another round of Kobo Fixes (#3939) @NiLuJe
  • Font menu: add symbols for default and fallback fonts (#3941) @poire-z
  • Style tweaks: use css snippets to tweak book styles (#3944) @poire-z
  • End of document action (#3943) @robert00s
  • [feat] Integrated Dropbear SSH server (#3842) @onde2rock
  • Re-order typeset menu (#3946) @poire-z
  • [chore] Make the binary fonts a submodule (#3951) @Frenzie
  • [chore] Default to shallow clone of binary submodules where history is seldom relevant (#3951) @Frenzie
  • Update Google Fonts (#3942) @NiLuJe
  • A round of Kindle fixes (#3955) @NiLuJe
  • Try to inhibit USBMS on Kindles (#3957) @NiLuJe
  • Show current and default values in config dialog (epub) (#3952) @robert00s
  • [UX] Notification are displayed too short (#3962) @robert00s
  • [feat] Add default to the last value used in ReadTimer (#3963) @robert00s
  • Always close filemanger before open document (#3935) @robert00s
  • bump crengine: LI and CITE fixes are now the defaults (#3976) @poire-z
  • TouchMenu: added hook to show help text on long-press (#3980) @poire-z
  • Show current and default values in config dialog (pdf) (#3973) @robert00s
  • Screen refresh between chapters (#3989) @robert00s
  • Fix sort-by-last-read when partition is mounted noatime (#3990) @alethiophile
  • bump crengine: HTML and rendering fixes (#3992) @poire-z
  • UI Behavior tweaks (#3983) @NiLuJe

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