github knqyf263/utern v0.0.2


cac1605 Merge pull request #9 from knqyf263/deps
5403b8f add CREDITS file generated by gocredits
062ced1 update deps
28f0c6b Merge pull request #8 from knqyf263/release
c1ff837 Go 1.13
65df3f3 Merge pull request #3 from abicky/fix-missing-log-streams
448680b Merge branch 'master' into fix-missing-log-streams
9ae7f5d Merge pull request #4 from abicky/cancel-during-fetching-log-stremas
03119c7 Merge pull request #5 from kylerisse/region-support
f409dcc add --color option to force color output (#7)
34f13ce adds region support
99a99d7 Allow users to cancel fetching log streams
e6d1efa Consider the case when no log streams in the page match the specified pattern
63847c9 initial commit
1196f2e Initial commit

latest releases: v0.1.2, v0.1.1, v0.1.0...
20 months ago