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Knative Serving release v0.25.0

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9 months ago

🚨 Breaking or Notable

1. Renaming of some net-kourier components

Related issue: knative/networking#448

As part of our efforts to GA/1.0 we've standardized on the naming of our networking plugins that are installed along side Serving. If you're managing your Knative deployment manually with kubectl this will require a two-phase upgrade process. In order to upgrade net-kourier to v0.25.0 using kubectl please follow the steps:

# Apply the new release
$ kubectl apply -f net-kourier.yaml

# Once the deployment is ready apply the same file but 
# prune the old resources
$ kubectl apply -f net-kourier.yaml \
  --prune -l

2. Disabling namespace certificate provisioning legacy label

The namespace label has been deprecated since v0.15.0 release in favour of We have dropped support for this legacy label. (#11626, @nak3)

💫 New Features & Changes

  • A feature flag is available to enable priorityClassName for Knative Services. See config-features for details. (#11746, @nealhu)
  • Add memory metrics for HPA: (#11668, @zhaojizhuang)
  • Added labels to resources. It will be replacing app labels in the future. (#11655, @upodroid)
  • Containers[*].securityContext.runAsNonRoot can be set to true without a feature flag (#11606, @senthilnathan)
  • Users can set spec.template.spec.automountServiceAccountToken to false in a PodSpec in order to opt-out of Kubenetes' default behaviour of mounting a ServiceAccount token in that Pod's containers. (#11723, @psschwei)
  • Add v1beta1 version of DomainMapping crd (#11682, @julz)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Set ENABLE_HTTP2_AUTO_DETECTION to false by default if the feature is not enabled. (#11760, @psschwei)


  • v1.1.0
  • fbca930
  • v0.1.0
  • v1.10.1
  • v3.5.0
  • v3.5.0
  • v2.305.0
  • v0.7.0
  • v0.13.5
  • 52369c6
  • v1.0.0
  • v1.0.0
  • v1.0.0
  • v1.0.0
  • v1.0.0

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