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Knative Serving release v0.22.2

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12 months ago

💫 New Features & Changes

  • Added an autoscaling annotation to choose a different aggregation algorithm for the autoscaling metrics. This is experimental currently. (#10840, @vagababov)
  • Added autocreateClusterDomainClaims flag to network config map. (networking#330, @julz)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Adds validation that a default max-scale is set if a max-scale-limit is specified in the autoscaler configmap (since otherwise the default max-scale, i.e. 0 = no max, would fail validation as it is above the max-scale-limit). (#10921, @julz)
  • Bumped the resource request and limits of the autoscaler to 100m/100Mi, 1000m/1000Mi respectively. (#10865, @markusthoemmes)
  • Fixed a regression where the pod bringup time might have a latency of 10s or more even though the container should be up quickly. (#10992, @markusthoemmes)
  • Reduced the necessary memory allocations in the activator significantly, especially with disabled tracing. (#11016, #11013, #11009, #11008, @markusthoemmes)
  • Fix the incorrect Gateway name format for DomainMapping auto TLS feature for net-istio implmenetation. (net-istio#532, @ZhiminXiang)



Nothing has changed.


  • v0.5.4 → v0.5.5
  • v0.15.0 → v0.19.0
  • v0.22.6 → v0.23.0
  • v1.35.0 → v1.36.0
  • 1212288 → 5691bb3
  • 8368e1f → b6ab329
  • 088986a → 999a770
  • 84c98f3 → 952fdd9


Nothing has changed.

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