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Knative Serving release v0.18.0

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pre-release20 months ago


Serving v1alpha1 & v1beta1 will EOL in our next release (v0.19)

  • This applies to the resources: Service, Route, Revision, Configuration
  • You will want to migrate your storage version for these resources to v1 using our post-install job

Monitoring Bundle is deprecated

This bundle was deprecated in our 0.14 release and will be removed in our next release

Kubernetes minimum version has changed to v1.17

net-contour has moved to stable status

GitHub Actions FTW

  • faster, varied and easier to support: linting, vetting, coverage, unit tests, e2e tests, etc.

Breaking EnableVarLogCollection behaviour

We always mount a emptyDir volume at /var/log in our user-containers. This impacts some popular containers images (ie. nginx) preventing them from starting.

In the next release (v0.19) we plan on changing this default behaviour and only mount a volume when EnableVarLogCollection is set to true.

Please reach out in #7881 if you have issues/comments about the approach & timeline.

Removed divisive language from most of the codebase.


Core API

  • Add support for serviceAccountToken in projected volumes. #9264 (thanks @skonto)
  • Added RuntimeClassName feature flag. #9072 (thanks @ianlewis)
  • Fixes a race where the Route controller would report readiness prematurely. #9325 (thanks @mattmoor)
  • For security reasons, registries that are shipping image metadata on TLS version 1.0 or 1.1 are no longer supported. #9489 (thanks @markusthoemmes)
  • Digest resolution improvements & timeout. #9455, #9354, #9442 (thanks @julz, @mattmoor)
  • Responsive revision garbage collection is on (allowed) by default. #9335 (thanks @whaught)
  • Reduce the cardinality of our webhook metrics to reduce memory usage. knative/pkg#1464 (thanks @tragiclifestories)


  • tagHeaderBasedRouting flag in config-network is moved to config-features as tag-header-based-routing. (#8856, @igsong)

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