github knative/eventing-contrib v0.16.1
Knative Eventing Contrib release v0.16.1

Artifact Description
appender.yaml A Knative Service for use with the Sequence example.
awssqs.yaml The AWS SQS source.
camel.yaml The Apache Camel source.
couchdb.yaml The Apache CouchDB source.
event-display.yaml A Knative Service that logs events received for use in samples and debugging.
github.yaml The GitHub source.
mt-github.yaml The multi-tenant GitHub source.
gitlab.yaml The Gitlab source.
kafka-channel.yaml The Apache Kafka channel.
kafka-source.yaml The Apache Kafka source.
natss-channel.yaml The NATSS channel.
prometheus-source.yaml The Prometheus source.
websocket-source.yaml The Websocket source.

Eventing Contrib


  • Minimum Kubernetes version is now 1.16.

New Features

  • Add new multi-tenant GitHubSource adapter. See the documentation for more information on how to enable it. (#1297, @lionelvillard)
  • Bumps K8s dependencies to 1.17.5. This makes our minimum K8s version 1.16 (#1243, @dprotaso)
  • Add PrometheusSource CRD validation (#1225, @MIBc)
  • Bump KafkaChannel types to v1beta1 (#1356, @aliok)
  • Bump KafkaSource and KafkaBinding to v1beta1 (#1294, @matzew)

Other Changes

  • CamelSource and KafkaSource started having some conformance tests that run regularly. (#1334, @devguyio)
  • Enable sources conformance tests and add Source CRD Metadata test (#1334, @devguyio)
  • Ceph source is now available with Deployment + SinkBinding. (#1277, @tom24d)
  • v1.26.4 (#1269, @slinkydeveloper)
  • Use MT Channel Based Broker for testing. (#1279, @vaikas)
  • CAMEL-14575, time pattern dropped in Camel 3.2 (#1324, @maschmid)
latest release: v0.17.3
pre-release11 days ago