github knadh/listmonk v0.5.0-alpha

This release has significant changes including several important bug fixes.

listmonk now supports public forms that can be used on public webpages to allow users to signup to mailing lists. This can be found under Lists > Forms.


ad9ee75 Update build script to reflect new static paths
83d888a Update and cleanup deps
901c456 Fix issues with responsive UI on the campaign page
8771dc2 Refactor init functions for clearer dependency visibility
07856d3 Fix bug in e-mail scheduling
68c4ccd Fix campaign UI to update start/schedule button automatically
ba87801 Fix template preview sending invalid view requests
ca032c8 Refactor manager.CampaignMessage's exposed fields
a0d9a47 Fix incorrect send_at time in installer's sample campaign
442dec9 Fix broken subscriber data export
892d5d2 Remove 'govalidator' package dependecy
d4aea0a Add support for pushing non-campaign message with workers.
5f6a4af Cleanup unnecessary pointers
ac2145d Fix default template path in installer
40ae9cd Minor formatting fixes
709668d Move static assets to 'static' dir
9005bb6 Move internal packages to 'internal' dir
8853809 Refactor and cleanup initialization.
83b49df Add missing error logs
0a2d2d6 Refactor forms UI
276942a Replace outdated UUID lib
4faffe0 Refactor template name in public pages
c08ca14 Add subscription forms
b205761 Update feature list

Docker images

  • docker pull listmonk/listmonk:latest
  • docker pull listmonk/listmonk:v0.5.0-alpha
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7 months ago