github knadh/listmonk v0.4.0-alpha

This release introduces breaking changes. It adds support for double-optin lists, subscriptions, and campaigns.


Uprading from the previous version.

  • The template function {{ .UnsubscribeURL }} loses the period and is now {{ UnsubscribeURL }}. All templates need to be edited to reflect this change.

Apply the changes to DB tables by running the following queries.

DROP TYPE IF EXISTS list_optin CASCADE; CREATE TYPE list_optin AS ENUM ('single', 'double');
DROP TYPE IF EXISTS campaign_type CASCADE; CREATE TYPE campaign_type AS ENUM ('regular', 'optin');
ALTER TABLE lists ADD COLUMN optin list_optin NOT NULL DEFAULT 'single';
ALTER TABLE campaigns ADD COLUMN type campaign_type DEFAULT 'regular';


62aa31b Refactor {{ UnsubURL }} into a global function (breaking change)
2ee2e68 Inject version during build into the frontend
f039f35 Link list name to subscribers page on lists UI
afdf053 Add 'send opt-in mail' link to subscriber modal UI
6be3352 Refactor/merge optin-list fetch queries
6cb2cd7 Tweak default list and subscriber entries in install
8616aa8 Remove status from example on the import UI
ab8bac2 Fix title bug in list modal UI
022b35c Add support for sending 'opt-in' campaigns.
9a890c7 Add button style to default template
af14fff Refactor campaign content type references
ec22170 Fix list ID parsing in campaign UI
a2d21a8 Refactor opt-in subscriber selection queries
ea302d1 Use default template if there isn't one in campaign creation
871893a Add double opt-in support.
bdd42b6 Refactor notificatin data structure
e9685b2 Refactor HTML views with new data structures
f8a2044 Add default values to sample config URLs
f71493e Add PNG logo for e-mails
4abcb28 Refactor template functions.

Docker images

  • docker pull listmonk/listmonk:latest
  • docker pull listmonk/listmonk:v0.4.0-alpha
latest releases: v0.7.0-alpha, v0.6.2-alpha, v0.6.1-alpha...
8 months ago