github knadh/listmonk v0.3.1-alpha


1064f1e Merge branch 'master' of
6681f18 Fix 'send_at' option on the UI and bug in starting scheduled campaigns
e230bac Merge pull request #51 from josejibin/fix/per-page-logic
f687813 Fix: perPage logic in getPagination
3cba2fe Amend feature text
32a543b Fix incorrect campaign API response when there are no campaigns
6747a95 Fix unclosed DB transactions in subscriber search
6b6dc59 Add max idle/open params to DB connect
0d8abf9 Fix subscriber export button
427dd93 Add --yes flag to skip prompts
1dc26e2 Fix logo (SVG) font by changing text to path
c7fc1aa Validate the status field in create subscriber API

Docker images

  • docker pull listmonk/listmonk:latest
  • docker pull listmonk/listmonk:v0.3.1-alpha
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9 months ago