github knadh/listmonk v0.2.0-alpha

This release has breaking changes. If you have an older version running, there a couple manual patches to apply.

  • Unsubscription URIs have changed from /unsubscribe to /subscription/*. Production Nginx config needs to be amended to whitelist the new URI.
  • There is a new [privacy] section in the config. This can be copied from the sample config.

New privacy features (aimed at GDPR compliance)

  • Allow subscribers to export all data on them.
  • Allow subscribers to wipe all their data from the system.
    (The configuration is in the [privacy] section in the config file).



b63b31e Merge branch 'privacy'
3cd8b86 Check subscriber existence by UUID on public pages
3be5b27 Fix error message
31b9690 Remove orphan func
9e34e7d Fix default template rendering in Gmail with CSS inlining
a060d94 Move UUID validation from multiple places into a middleware func
3fddd78 Refactor "unsubscribe from all" (self-blacklist) behaviour.
794cb3d Merge branch 'master' of
3b79028 Add data privacy export / wipe features (aimed at GDPR compliance).
d390bc9 Add helper to make mail attachment headers
ee899f4 Merge pull request #12 from mr-karan/readme
93dd4f0 fix: docker-compose command
81fe874 Refactor subscriber delete query to support UUIDs
7d9758c Refactor "error" view to a generic "message"
81d3046 Refactor Messenger/Emailer to accept attachments
533caf8 Fix from e-mail ID in dummy campaign on install
0cb1442 Fix typo in install message
180f05a Merge branch 'master' of
192214c Add .gitattributes for github-linguist
1ff38b5 Merge pull request #2 from mr-karan/docs
0a50cd6 feat: Add docker image link to README

Docker images

  • docker pull listmonk/listmonk:latest
  • docker pull listmonk/listmonk:v0.2.0-alpha
latest releases: v0.7.0-alpha, v0.6.2-alpha, v0.6.1-alpha...
15 months ago