github knadh/listmonk v0.1.0-alpha


9fd9748 Update README with image and links
e89a54b Refactor and add new build routines
0e116a2 Update dependencies
61c2a72 Upgrade to stuffbin v1.0.0
be20014 Add doc links to UI
bcf35bf Add basic sanitisation to subscriber query expressions
69e5e35 Refactor default install records and add test campaign
1ca8c2f Fix default template location in install
348e65f Fix lists not showing on the subscriber form
64043f0 Add run-frontend to Makefile
1caa63b Rename 'build-dist' to 'dist' in Makefile
089522a Replace config struct tags
6531750 Remove hardcoded binary name from unstuff routine
fe4f39f Replace viper with koanf
fe91021 Remove stub user features and handlers.
c952b7a Refactor README for publishing
95038d3 Refactor Makefile
4f9bb26 Merge branch 'fix-frontend-dir' into 'develop'
11ca4be chore: fix frontend directory structure
0911742 feat: add config to enable/disable postgres ssl mode
08b9d15 fix: update echo framewor to fix commit hash mismatch
3a6f15e Update list date on import before notif and run notif as a goroutine
8701cb4 Fix import and campaign page and integrate new paginated lists API
3cf075e Add deps to dev docs
7a64aca Removed redundant consts and goal
9729395 Add dev README
d9585a7 Add pagination to the lists page
b467c9b Fix incorrect sort order in stats SQL queries
b078c00 Fix missing lists fetch in query-campaigns
420c661 Remove duplicate TODO
b060259 Add TODO
3bf405f Refactor and fix importer state bugs
cfec13c Optimize campaign and subscriber queries
93c9520 Refactor campaigns query into two: 'query' and 'get'
baa6184 Add 'send campaign' shortcut link to lists view
3de7b3f Fix incorrect maxlength param values
6b29c0f Remove subscriber list link from list name
178604d Refactor campaigns view
9655ce6 Refactor subscriber data src to check for errors
e43c9b8 Add target 'run' to Makefile
5acde50 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
917cb8a Reformat all JS to 'prettier' style
5b42e86 Fix incorrect passing of error in HTTP response
7d65672 Merge pull request #1 from joeirimpan/develop
4ef5a3a chore: Go modules and add readme
9fc23a8 Fix text in global footer
ac2234a Refactored subscriber add/edit from from modal to modal + standalone view
ab1a6bb Add ID and UUID info to list, subscriber, and campaign views
e7c75b3 Fix the accidentally deleted Lists field in Campaign (!)
7eeb813 Add embedding of static assets for standalone dist binary
46f4a0e Remove redundant error wrapper
08bc6bc Refactor SQL schema and add missing indexes
01b43b9 Refactor get-campaigns query
1fd3a3b Refactor TrackLink template function to accept backticks
ffd43ce Rename 'runner.Runner' to 'manager.Manager'
72cf9e2 Fix state setting on subscriber modal unmount
b461f51 Change default name/email search query to case insensitive regex instead of LIKE
f686606 Fix broken close function in clone campaign modal
f54170d Add view and click counts to campaign API response and UI
a4135be Doc and typo fix on the import page
099ca11 Doc fix in advanced query placeholder
f2bbf86 Display subscription status in the subscribers table
11f8e62 Add subscriber count to the subscriber page heading
5f0e3ac Add bulk subscriber querying, segmentation, and management features
755d3d2 Refactor and add subscriber search and segmentation UI
3867062 Fix empty raw query in subscriber query response
b7d5a4d Add no-cache header to pixel tracker image
09b09d1 Remove alt tag from tracking pixel image
2a161a5 Redesign the 'broken' warning page
5662fac Refactor redirection on campaign creation
ccd966a Refactor campaign 'save' button and add 'start' button to campaign page
ca19b50 Fix content tab redirection on campaign creation
c24c19b Add admin e-mail notifications.
8a0a7a1 Add support for importing unzipped CSV
8e10bf3 Fix file extension check
5ff0e44 Make the default template the default selection on the campaign form
1673cba Fix campaign send rate calculation
cf5df3e Fix counting unsubbed users in campaign stats counts
c132af2 Add automatic unsub of users blacklisted from admin
4cd66d1 Fix duplicates in multi-list campaigns with overlapping subscribers.
8a952c1 Add regexp template tag validation
a7614eb Change sample error value to a sane number
a7954df Add missing error key to sample config
cbba955 Remove test script
1a39ed1 Add support for campaign error tracking and auto-pause.
0577367 Fix default values in the campaign dropdown
a4e8291 Log message push errors
6d96986 Add loadng spinner to dashboard
0871752 Fix incorrect campaign counts on dashboard
b333d05 Fix merge conflicts
dce6db7 Untrack yarn.lock
e3a6ba3 Untrack yarn.lock
9511a78 Add welcome dashboard
c3d1813 Add an error page for app config (window.CONFIG) not being loaded
87873d0 Make subscriber fetching for previews random
6a1ee77 Fixed message rendering in test messages
f334022 Make duration stats visibility conditional
ec7d398 Rearrange and move prominent action icons to the front
d09a16d Add form blocking + spinner to the upload form
f75f1cd Fix hardcoded max_conns SMTP config
0f56a5c Fix campaign stats cell width
44442b2 Switch UI subscriber addition to a new insert-only query
ec02921 Fix SVG logo (font to path)
6761d1a Add missing placement param to all antd notification() calls
f2c09e7 Refactor the import process
31e1800 WIP: Add dashboard stats queries and endpoint
9aa4130 Update logo
a82a64a Fix broken TrackLink tag correction
ac8c7ed Add custom theme overhaul
5d099ab Make image inserts use full root URL
de4e848 Sanitize config paths
ad8787c Load global configuration into the frontend as a JS dict using a