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17 months ago

What's Changed

  • chore: update toml_edit to v0.14 by @MarcoIeni in #706
  • cargo upgrade: Add --skip-pinned option by @nthuemmel-scontain in #709
  • Add --target flag to cargo-rm by @cassaundra in #711
  • Clean up custom console output with utils by @cassaundra in #712
  • feat(rm): add dry run by @cassaundra in #714
  • chore: update cargo_metadata to v0.15 by @MarcoIeni in #718
  • Remove cargo-add by @epage in #720
  • refactor: Backport parts of cargo-edit in cargo by @epage in #722
  • fix(upgrade): Prepare for stablizing preserve-precsion by @epage in #724
  • fix(upgrade): Preserve more formatting by @epage in #725
  • fix(upgrade): Report errors for invalid dependencies by @epage in #726
  • feat(upgrade): Add --locked support by @epage in #727
  • fix(upgrade): Make preserve precision the default behavior by @epage in #729
  • fix: Allow --manifest-path with -p by @epage in #730
  • fix(upgrade): Don't include key formatting in warnings by @epage in #731
  • fix: Allow relative manifest paths by @epage in #732
  • fix(upgrade)!: Remove --allow-prerelease like cargo-add by @epage in #733
  • fix(upgrade): Make --skip-compatible default by @epage in #734
  • fix(upgrade): Make pinned skipping the default by @epage in #735
  • fix(upgrade): --to-lockfile changes all sources by @epage in #736
  • fix(upgrade): Provide hint when nothing happens by @epage in #738

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