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4.0.0 (2017-03-31)

Bug Fixes

  • Resolve value of env variables before invoking cross-spawn (#95) (e8a16146)
  • Remove Windows => UNIX variable conversion (#94) (0a846e60)
  • module: Add export for commonjs (#88) (22d1c801)


  • Convert list delimiters for PATH-style env variables (#93) (ea0ac4bd)
  • args: convert embedded and braced variables in command args (#86) (1b172fef)
  • spawn: add support for quoted scripts (ea800213)

Breaking Changes

  • This is unlikely to break anyone, but now if you assign a variable to a variable (like FOO=$BAR with the value $BAR being assigned to hello, the command will be converted to FOO=hello whereas before it was FOO=$BAR).
  • %windows_style% env variables will no longer be converted to $unix_style in UNIX machines. To fix it, use always the UNIX syntax, cross-env will change the format in Windows machines as needed
  • If an env variable has : or ; in its value, it will be converted to : on UNIX
    systems or ; on Windows systems. To keep the old functionality, you will need to escape those
    characters with a backslash.


  • chore: Add myself (DanReyLop) to the contributors list

  • Simplified logic. Now only : (UNIX-style) are converted to ; (Windows-style), not the other way around

BREAKING CHANGE: You now must escape : to use it in a value of you don't want it to be swapped with ; on Windows

  • Changes the behavior when passed quoted scripts or special characters interpreted by the shell.
  • echo $var2/$var1 would not be changed on windows, now it is. This is kind of a bug, but we're doing a major version bump to be safe.

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