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1.0.7 (2016-01-03)

Bug Fixes

  • deps: Add publish-latest (b03e7e3d)
  • env:
    • Merge with original environment instead of defining a new one (187c068f)
    • Removing if clause for windows detection, applying APPDATA to all platforms. (847e80f1)
    • checks if windows platform, then send in APPDATA env var. (a18d2b31)
  • istanbul: istanbul to ignore if branch, can't mock process.platform for coverage. (125055d8)
  • lib: Handle special characters and quoted strings (2e75b736)
  • package: Use different, more up to date dependencies (452ea5ac)
  • spawn:
    • Propagate spawned process exit code (559e3d1f)
    • use cross-spawn for spawn compatibility (3c21e496, closes #2)
  • test: rel path to _mocha in npm tst to make it windows compatible (f0fb1791)


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