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JC version 1.25.0

latest release: v1.25.1
27 days ago
  • Add --slurp functionality to wrap output from multiple lines into a single array.
    Note, this only works with single-line input parsers. (e.g. date, ip-address, url, etc.)
    Streaming parsers are not supported. Use jc -hhh to find parsers compatible with the slurp option.
  • Enhance /proc file magic syntax to allow slurping when multiple files are selected
    and to include the _file metadata field in the data
  • Enhance --meta-out functionality to include a list of the input data when using --slurp
    or /proc file magic syntax. For slurpable parsers, this is a list of string inputs in order.
    For /proc file magic syntax, this is a list of /proc filenames in order. This can help with
    identifying which input matches to which output when using --slurp or when converting multiple
    files via /proc file magic syntax.
  • Add curl-head command parser for curl --head or curl -I with verbose support
  • Add efibootmgr command parser
  • Add http-headers parser for plain HTTP header output
  • Add kv-dup parser for Key/Value files with duplicate keys
  • Add path string parser to parse posix path
  • Add path-list string parser to parse path list strings found in env variables
  • Add source link to online parser documentation
  • Add snap package build scripts
  • Add remove_quotes function to
  • Add normalize_key function to
  • Add line_slice function to
  • Add get_parser function to
  • Enhance nsd-control parser to support more zone information
  • Enhance ping and ping-s parsers to support the -I command option
  • Enhance proc-net-tcp parser to add opposite endian support for architectures
    like the s390x
  • Enhance url parser to add parent, filename, stem, and extension fields
  • Fix ini and ini-dup parsers to consistently handle null values as empty strings
  • Fix line slicer to not skip blank lines
  • Refactor parser aliases for kv, pkg_index_deb, lsb_release, and os-release
  • Update copyright date

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