github kellyjonbrazil/jc v1.24.0
JC version 1.24.0

latest releases: v1.25.1, v1.25.0
2 months ago
  • Add debconf-show command parser
  • Add iftop command parser
  • Add pkg-index-apk parser for Alpine Linux Package Index files
  • Add pkg-index-deb parser for Debian/Ubuntu Package Index files
  • Add proc-cmdline parser for /proc/cmdline file
  • Add swapon command parser
  • Add tune2fs command parser
  • Remove iso-datetime parser deprecated since v1.22.1. (use datetime-iso instead)
  • Update timezone change in Github Actions for node v16 requirement
  • Add Python 3.12 tests to Github Actions
  • Refactor acpi command parser for code cleanup
  • Refactor vendored libraries to remove Python 2 support
  • Fix iptables parser for cases where the target field is blank in a rule
  • Fix vmstat parsers for some cases where wide output is used
  • Fix mount parser for cases with spaces in the mount point name
  • Fix xrandr parser for infinite loop issues

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