github kellyjonbrazil/jc v1.23.0
JC version 1.23.0

latest releases: v1.25.1, v1.25.0, v1.24.0...
12 months ago
  • Add input slicing as a jc command-line option
  • Add ssh configuration file parser
  • Add ver Version string parser
  • Add zpool iostat command parser
  • Add zpool status command parser
  • Fix acpi command parser for "will never fully discharge" battery state
  • Fix crontab and crontab-u command and file parsers for cases where only
    shortcut schedule items exist
  • Fix ifconfig command parser for older-style linux output
  • Fix xrandr command parser for proper is_current output
  • Fix xrandr command parser for infinite loop with some device configurations
  • Add reflection key to xrandr parser schema
  • Add display model info from EDID to xrandr parser
  • Add MPX-specific VMA support for VM Flags in /proc/<pid>/smaps parser

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