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JC version 1.22.2

latest releases: v1.25.1, v1.25.0, v1.24.0...
15 months ago
  • add sshd-conf parser for sshd configuration files and sshd -T output
  • add findmnt command parser
  • add git ls-remote command parser
  • add os-prober command parser
  • add SemVer string parser
  • enhance the ifconfig parser so it can output multiple IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • enhance the ifconfig parser so it can output additional fields common on BSD
  • enhance xml parser with optional _ prefix for attributes instead of
    @ by using the --raw option. This can make it easier to filter the
    JSON output in some tools.
  • fix the xml parser to output a normal Dictionary instead of OrderdDict.
    This cleans up YAML output. (No !!omap comments)
  • fix csv and csv-s parsers for UTF-8 encoded CSV files with leading BOM bytes
  • fix exit code to be non-zero on interrupt
  • allow parser module objects to be used as arguments to jc.get_help() and jc.parser_info()
  • catch unexpected exceptions in the CLI
  • add error message on interrupt to STDERR
  • add python 3.11 tests to github actions
  • fix XML parser in macOS binary

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