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JC version 1.18.8

latest releases: v1.25.1, v1.25.0, v1.24.0...
22 months ago
  • Fix update-alternatives --query parser for cases where slaves are not present
  • Fix UnicodeEncodeError on some systems where LANG=C is set and unicode characters are in the output
  • Update history parser: do not drop non-ASCII characters if the system is configured for UTF-8 encoding
  • Enhance "magic syntax" to always use UTF-8 encoding

Updates from v1.18.7

  • Add git log command parser
  • Add update-alternatives --query parser
  • Add update-alternatives --get-selections parser
  • Fix key/value and INI parsers to allow duplicate keys
  • Fix YAML file parser for files including timestamp objects
  • Update xrandr parser: add a rotation field
  • Fix failing tests by moving template files
  • Add python interpreter version and path to -v and -a output

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