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JC version 1.15.0

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2 years ago
  • Add acpi command parser tested on linux
  • Add upower command parser tested on linux
  • Add /usr/bin/time command parser tested on linux and macOS
  • Add dpkg -l command parser tested on linux
  • Add rpm -qi command parser tested on linux
  • Add finger command parser tested on linux and macOS
  • Add dir command parser tested on Windows 10
  • Update date parser: complete rewrite (v2.0) providing many enhancements:
    • Make weekday numbering ISO 8601 compliant
    • Add a calculated naive timestamp field
    • Add a calculated UTC timestamp field (only if date output is in UTC)
    • Add several fields, including: hour_24, utc_offset, day_of_year, week_of_year, iso, and timezone_aware
  • Update uptime parser to add uptime_days, uptime_hours, uptime_minutes, uptime_total_seconds, time_hour, time_minute, and time_second fields
  • Update last parser to use new timestamp function
  • Update stat parser to add access_time_epoch, access_time_epoch_utc, modify_time_epoch, modify_time_epoch_utc, change_time_epoch, change_time_epoch_utc, birth_time_epoch, and birth_time_epoch_utc fields
  • Update timedatectl parser to add epoch_utc field
  • Update who parser to add epoch field
  • Update dig parser to add when_epoch and when_epoch_utc fields
  • Update ls parser to add epoch and epoch_utc fields
  • Add -h option to display the help text. Piping errors no longer show the help text.
  • Add -v option to display version information.
  • Add contributing information to project root
  • Make all external python library dependencies optional: pygments, ruamel.yaml, xmltodict
  • JSON output now supports unencoded unicode characters
  • JSON output is now more compact unless the -p (pretty) option is used
  • Developer scripts added and enhanced to automate documentation and man page creation
  • Enhanced man page

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