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JC version 1.14.1

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3 years ago
  • Add iw-scan parser tested on linux (beta)
  • Update date parser for Ubuntu 20.04 support
  • Update last parser for last -F support
  • Update last parser to add convenience fields and augment data for easier parsing
  • Update man page
  • Minor documentation updates

Release notes:

Schema Changes:

date command parser

A new period field has been added to the schema to represent AM and PM which may appear depending on locale configuration on the host. If the locale does not print AM or PM then the value will be null.

  "year":         integer,
  "month_num":    integer,
  "day":          integer,
  "hour":         integer,
  "minute":       integer,
  "second":       integer,
  "period":       string,
  "month":        string,
  "weekday":      string,
  "weekday_num":  integer,
  "timezone":     string

last command parser

The duration field calculation has changed to be more easily parsed and will display as total HOURS:MINUTES. Also, a few convenience calculated fields have been added and will display when the last -F option is used: login_epoch, logout_epoch, and duration_seconds.

    "user":             string,
    "tty":              string,
    "hostname":         string,
    "login":            string,
    "logout":           string,
    "duration":         string,
    "login_epoch":      integer,   # available with last -F option
    "logout_epoch":     integer,   # available with last -F option
    "duration_seconds": integer    # available with last -F option

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