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KEDA 2.8.2

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16 months ago

We are happy to release KEDA 2.8.2 🎉

Learn how to deploy KEDA by reading our documentation.

🗓️ The next KEDA release is currently being estimated for March 2nd, 2023, learn more in our roadmap.


  • General: Provide patch for CVE-2022-3172 vulnerability (#3690)
  • General: Respect optional parameter inside envs for ScaledJobs (#3568)
  • General: Close is called twice on PushScaler's deletion (#3881)
  • Azure Blob Scaler Store forgotten logger (#3811)
  • Datadog Scaler The last data point of some specific query is always null (#3906)
  • GCP Stackdriver Scalar: Update Stackdriver client to handle detecting double and int64 value types (#3777)
  • MongoDB Scaler: Username/password can contain :/?#[]@ (#3992)
  • New Relic Scaler Store forgotten logger (#3945)
  • Prometheus Scaler: Treat Inf the same as Null result (#3644)
  • NATS Jetstream: Correctly count messages that should be redelivered (waiting for ack) towards keda value (#3787)


  • General: Review CodeQL rules and enable it on PRs (#4032)

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