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KEDA 2.6.0

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2 years ago

We are happy to release KEDA 2.6.0 🎉

Here are some highlights:

  • Five new Scalers 🎉 🎉
  • Important bugfixes and improvements related to caching
  • KEDA images are signed using cosign
  • We no longer push to Docker Hub as of v2.5 as per our announcement in March 2021

Learn how to deploy KEDA by reading our documentation.


  • Add ActiveMQ Scaler (#2305)
  • Add Azure Application Insights Scaler (2506)
  • Add New Datadog Scaler (#2354)
  • Add New Relic Scaler (#2387)
  • Add PredictKube Scaler (#2418)


  • General: Delete the cache entry when a ScaledObject is deleted (#2564)
  • General: Fail fast on buildScalers when not able to resolve a secret that a deployment is relying on (#2394)
  • General: keda-operator Cluster Role: add list and watch access to service accounts (#2406)|(#2410)
  • General: Sign KEDA images published on GitHub Container Registry (#2501)|(#2502)|(#2504)
  • AWS Scalers: Support temporary AWS credentials using session tokens (#2573)
  • AWS SQS Scaler: Allow using simple queue name instead of URL (#2457)
  • Azure EventHub Scaler: Don't expose connection string in metricName (#2404)
  • Azure Pipelines Scaler: Support poolName or poolID validation (#2370)
  • CPU Scaler: AAding e2e test for the cpu scaler (#2441)
  • External Scaler: Fix wrong calculation of retry backoff duration (#2416)
  • Graphite Scaler: Use the latest datapoint returned, not the earliest (#2365)
  • Kafka Scaler: Allow flag topic to be optional, where lag of all topics within the consumer group will be used for scaling (#2409)
  • Kafka Scaler: Concurrently query brokers for consumer and producer offsets (#2405)
  • Kubernetes Workload Scaler: Ignore terminated pods (#2384)
  • PostgreSQL Scaler: Assign PostgreSQL userName to correct attribute (#2432)|(#2433)
  • Prometheus Scaler: Support namespaced Prometheus queries (#2575)

Breaking Changes

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