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KEDA 2.3.0

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3 years ago

We are happy to release KEDA 2.3.0 🎉

Here are some highlights:

  • Introducing a new Azure Pipelines scaler
  • Introducing a new OpenStack Metrics scaler
  • New authentication options for Prometheus

Learn how to deploy KEDA by reading our documentation.


  • Add Azure Pipelines Scaler (#1706)
  • Add OpenStack Metrics Scaler (#1382)
  • Added basic, tls and bearer authentication support to the Prometheus scaler #1559
  • Add header Origin to Apache Artemis scaler #1796


  • Azure Service Bus Scaler: Namespace from connectionString parameter is added to metricName due to uniqueness violation for clusters having more than one queue with the same name (#1755)
  • Remove label from label selectors (#1696)
  • Apache Kafka Scaler: Add allowIdleConsumers to the list of trigger parameters (#1684)
  • Fixed goroutine leaks in usage of timers (#1704 | #1739)
  • Setting timeouts in the HTTP client used by the IBM MQ scaler (#1758)
  • Fix cleanup of removed triggers (#1768)
  • Eventhub Scaler: Add trigger parameter checkpointStrategy to support more language-specific checkpoints (#1621)
  • Fix Azure Blob scaler when using multiple triggers with the same blobContainerName and added a optional metricName field (#1816)

Breaking Changes

  • None.

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