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KEDA 2.2.0

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3 years ago

We are happy to release KEDA 2.2.0 🎉

Here are some highlights:

  • Introducing a new Microsoft SQL Server scaler
  • KEDA emits Kubernetes Events
  • Adding several performance related improvements
  • ScaledJob supports metadata labels in Job template
  • Improving AWS SQS, Metrics API, OpenStack Swift and RabbitMQ scaler

Learn how to deploy KEDA by reading our documentation.


  • Emit Kubernetes Events on KEDA events (#1523 | #1647)
  • Support Quantities in Metrics API scaler (#1667)
  • Add Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) scaler (#674 | docs)
  • Add publishRate trigger to RabbitMQ scaler (#1653)
  • ScaledJob: support metadata labels in Job template (#1686)


  • Add KEDA_HTTP_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT support in Operator (#1548)
  • Removed MIN field for ScaledJob (#1553)
  • Add container port for Prometheus on Operator YAML (#1562)
  • Fix a memory leak in Kafka client and close push scalers (#1565)
  • Add 'Metadata' header to AAD podIdentity request (#1566)
  • KEDA should make sure generate correct labels for HPA (#1630)
  • Fix memory leak by checking triggers uniqueness properly (#1640)
  • Print correct ScaleTarget Kind in Events (#1641)
  • Fixed KEDA ClusterRoles to give permissions for ClusterTriggerAuthentications (#1645)
  • Make swiftURL parameter optional for the OpenStack Swift scaler (#1652)
  • Fix memory leak of keda-metrics-apiserver by setting a controller-runtime logger properly (#1654)
  • AWS SQS Scaler: Add Visible + NotVisible messages for scaling considerations (#1664)
  • Fixing behavior on ScaledJob with incorrect External Scaler (#1672)

Breaking Changes

  • None.

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