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one month ago

We are happy to release KEDA v2.14.0 🎉

Here are some highlights:

  • Provide capability to filter CloudEvents (#3533)
  • (Experimental) Introduce Azure Event Grid as a new CloudEvent destination (#3587)
  • Support Kafka SASL MSK IAM authentication
  • Multiple OpenTelemetry improvements
  • Multiple ScalingModifiers improvements and fixes

Here are the new deprecation(s) as of this release:

  • Various Prometheus metrics have been renamed to follow the preferred naming conventions. The old ones are still available, but will be removed in the future (#4854).

Learn how to deploy KEDA by reading our documentation.

🗓️ The next KEDA release is currently being estimated for July 9th, 2024, learn more in our roadmap.

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Full Changelog: v2.13.0...v2.14.0

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