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4 months ago

We are happy to release KEDA v2.13 🎉

Here are some highlights:

  • Support for GCP Secret Manager & config map in trigger authentication
  • Newly improved AWS authentication
  • Support for emitting CloudEvents from KEDA allowing end-users to extend KEDA (Experimental)
  • Support for Amazon managed service for Prometheus for Prometheus scaler
  • SAS token authentication for Azure Storage scalers
  • Workload identity authentication for Azure Pipelines
  • Additional metrics and performance improvements

Here are the breaking changes of this release:

  • General: Clean up previously deprecated code in Azure Data Explorer Scaler about clientSecret for 2.13 release (#5051)

Here are the new deprecation(s) as of this release:

  • Remove support for Azure AD Pod Identity-based authentication (#5035)

Learn how to deploy KEDA by reading our documentation.

🗓️ The next KEDA release is currently being estimated for April 12th, 2024, learn more in our roadmap.


  • General: Adds support for GCP Secret Manager as a source for TriggerAuthentication (#4831)
  • General: Support TriggerAuthentication properties from ConfigMap (#4830)
  • General: Introduce new AWS Authentication (#4134)
  • Azure Blob Storage Scaler: Allow to authenticate to Azure Storage using SAS tokens (#5393)
  • Azure Pipelines Scaler: Add support for workload identity authentication (#5013)
  • Azure Storage Queue Scaler: Allow to authenticate to Azure Storage using SAS tokens (#5393)
  • Kafka Scaler: Add support for Kerberos authentication (SASL / GSSAPI) (#4836)
  • Prometheus Metrics: Expose prometheus metrics for ScaledJob resources (#4798)
  • Prometheus Metrics: Introduce paused ScaledObjects in Prometheus metrics (#4430)
  • Prometheus Scaler: Provide scaler for Amazon managed service for Prometheus (#2214)


Here is an overview of all new experimental features:

  • General: Emit CloudEvents on major KEDA events (#3533|#5278)


  • General: Add CloudEventSource metrics in Prometheus & OpenTelemetry (#3531)
  • General: Add RBAC permissions for list & watch LimitRange, and check default limits from LimitRange for validations (#5377)
  • General: Add validations for replica counts when creating ScaledObjects (#5288)
  • General: Bubble up AuthRef TriggerAuthentication errors as ScaledObject events (#5190)
  • General: Enhance pod identity role assumption in AWS by directly integrating with OIDC/Federation (#5178)
  • General: Fix issue where paused annotation being set to false still leads to ScaledObjects/ScaledJobs being paused (#5215)
  • General: Implement credentials cache for AWS Roles to reduce AWS API calls (#5297)
  • General: Request all ScaledObject/ScaledJob triggers in parallel (#5276)
  • General: Use client-side round-robin load balancing for gRPC calls (#5224)
  • GCP PubSub Scaler: Support distribution-valued metrics and metrics from topics (#5070)
  • GCP Stackdriver Scaler: Support valueIfNull parameter (#5345)
  • Hashicorp Vault: Add support to get secret that needs write operation (eg. pki) (#5067)
  • Hashicorp Vault: Fix operator panic when spec.hashiCorpVault.credential.serviceAccount is not set (#4964)
  • Hashicorp Vault: Fix operator panic when using root token to authenticate to vault server (#5192)
  • Kafka Scaler: Ability to set upper bound to the number of partitions with lag (#3997)
  • Kafka Scaler: Improve logging for Sarama client (#5102)
  • Prometheus Scaler: Add queryParameters parameter (#4962)
  • Pulsar Scaler: Support `endpointParams`` in Pulsar OAuth (#5069)


  • General: Admission webhook does not reject workloads with only resource limits provided (#4802)
  • General: Fix CVE-2023-39325 in (#5122)
  • General: Fix otelgrpc DoS vulnerability (#5208)
  • General: Fix Pod identity not being considered when scaled target is a CRD (#5021)
  • General: Prevented memory leak generated by not correctly cleaning http connections (#5248)
  • General: Prevented stuck status due to timeouts during scalers generation (#5083)
  • General: ScaledObject Validating Webhook should support dry-run=server requests (#5306)
  • General: Set LeaderElectionNamespace to PodNamespace so leader election works in OutOfCluster mode (#5404)
  • AWS Scalers: Ensure session tokens are included when instantiating AWS credentials (#5156)
  • Azure Event Hub Scaler: Improve unprocessedEventThreshold calculation (#4250)
  • Azure Pipelines: Prevent HTTP 400 errors due to poolName with spaces (#5107)
  • GCP PubSub Scaler: Added project_id to filter for metrics queries (#5256)
  • GCP PubSub Scaler: Respect default value of value (#5093)
  • Github Runner Scaler: Support for custom API endpoint (#5387)
  • NATS JetSteam Scaler: Raise an error if leader not found (#5358)
  • Pulsar Scaler: Fix panic when auth is not used (#5271)
  • ScaledJobs: Copy ScaledJob annotations to child Jobs (#4594)


You can find all deprecations in this overview and join the discussion here.

New deprecation(s):

  • Remove support for Azure AD Pod Identity-based authentication (#5035)

Breaking Changes

  • General: Clean up previously deprecated code in Azure Data Explorer Scaler about clientSecret for 2.13 release (#5051)


  • General: Bump K8s deps to 0.28.5 (#5346)
  • General: Create a common utility function to get parameter value from config (#5037)
  • General: Fix CVE-2023-45142 in OpenTelemetry (#5089)
  • General: Fix logger in OpenTelemetry collector (#5094)
  • General: Fix lost commit from the newly created utility function (#5037)
  • General: Improve docker image build time through caches (#5316)
  • General: Reduce amount of gauge creations for OpenTelemetry metrics (#5101)
  • General: Refactor scalers package (#5379)
  • General: Removed not required RBAC permissions (#5261)
  • General: Support profiling for KEDA components (#4789)
  • CPU scaler: Wait for metrics window during CPU scaler tests (#5294)
  • Hashicorp Vault: Improve test coverage in pkg/scaling/resolver/hashicorpvault_handler (#5195)
  • Kafka Scaler: Add more test cases for large value of LagThreshold (#5354)
  • Openstack Scaler: Use Gophercloud SDK (#3439)

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