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KEDA v2.12.1

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6 months ago

KEDA 2.12.1

We are happy to release 2.12.1 🎉

Learn how to deploy KEDA by reading our documentation.

🗓️ The next KEDA release is currently being estimated for January 11th, 2024 (planned later due to holidays), learn more in our roadmap.


  • General: Fix CVE-2023-39325 in (#5122)
  • General: Fix CVE-2023-45142 in Opentelemetry (#5089)
  • General: Fix logger in Opentelemetry collector (#5094)
  • General: Fix otelgrpc DoS vulnerability (#5208)
  • General: Prevented stuck status due to timeouts during scalers generation (#5083)
  • Azure Pipelines: No more HTTP 400 errors produced by poolName with spaces (#5107)

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v2.12.0...v2.12.1

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