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KEDA v2.12.0

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8 months ago

We are happy to release KEDA v2.12 🎉

Here are some highlights:

  • New Google Cloud Tasks scaler
  • New apache-kafka scaler (Experimental)
  • Support for formula-based evaluation of metric values (Experimental)
  • Support for pushing operational metrics to an OpenTelemetry Collector (Experimental)

This release has no new deprecations.

Learn how to deploy KEDA by reading our documentation.

🗓️ The next KEDA release is currently being estimated for January 11th, 2024 (planned later due to holidays), learn more in our roadmap.


  • General: Introduce new Google Cloud Tasks scaler (#3613)
  • AWS SQS Scaler: Support for scaling to include delayed messages. (#4377)
  • Governance: KEDA transitioned to CNCF Graduated project (#63)


Here is an overview of all new experimental features:

  • General: New apache-kafka scaler based on kafka-go library (#4692)
  • General: Support for formula-based evaluation of metric values (#2440|#4998)
  • General: Introduce pushing operational metrics to an OpenTelemetry Collector (#3078)


  • General: Introduce Prometheus metrics of API server to KEDA Metric Server (#4460)
  • General: Show ScaledObject/ScaledJob names to output of kubectl get triggerauthentication/clustertriggerauthentication (#796)
  • General: Introduce standalone CRD generation to release workflow (#2726)
  • General: Introduce changelog validation check during PR for formatting and order violations (#3190)
  • General: Automatically set GOMAXPROCS to match Linux container CPU quota (#4999)
  • General: Configurable Kubernetes cluster domain for Cert Manager (#4861)
  • General: Provide new Kubernetes events about internal state and scaling (#3764)
  • General: Introduce annotation true for ScaledObject to pause autoscaling (#3304)
  • General: Updated AWS SDK and updated all the AWS scalers (#4905)
  • Azure Pod Identity: Introduce validation to prevent usage of empty identity ID for Azure identity providers (#4528)
  • Kafka Scaler: Add unsafeSsl flag for kafka scaler (#4977)
  • Prometheus Scaler: Remove trailing whitespaces in customAuthHeader and customAuthValue (#4960)
  • Pulsar Scaler: Support for OAuth extensions (#4700)
  • Redis Scalers: Support for TLS authentication for Redis & Redis stream scalers (#4917)


  • General: Add validations for stabilizationWindowSeconds (#4976)
  • RabbitMQ Scaler: Allow subpaths along with vhost in connection string (#2634)
  • Selenium Grid Scaler: Fix scaling based on latest browser version (#4858)
  • Solace Scaler: Fix a bug where queueName is not properly escaped during URL encode (#4936)

You can find all deprecations in this overview and join the discussion here.

New deprecation(s):

  • None.

Breaking Changes

  • General: Remove deprecated metricName from trigger metadata section (#4899)


  • General: Fixed a typo in the StatefulSet scaling resolver (#4902)
  • General: Only show logs with a severity level of ERROR or higher in the stderr in metrics server (#4049)
  • General: Refactor ScaledJob related methods to be located at scale_handler (#4781)
  • General: Replace deprecated set-output command with environment file in GitHub Actions workflows (#4914)

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.11.0...v2.12.0

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