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KEDA 2.11.0

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11 months ago

We are happy to release 2.11.0 🎉

Here are some highlights:

  • New Solr Scaler
  • Ability to pause autoscaling of ScaledJobs
  • Improved and extended Prometheus Metrics
  • Ability to scale to zero if there are multiple scalers with CPU and Memory scalers
  • Improvements in many scalers and in the core

Here are the new deprecation(s) as of this release:

  • Azure Data Explorer: Deprecate metadata.clientSecret (#4514)

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  • General: Introduce annotation true for ScaledJobs to pause autoscaling (#3303)
  • General: Introduce new Solr Scaler (#4234)
  • General: Support ScaledObject taking over existing HPAs with the same name while they are not managed by other ScaledObject (#4457)
  • CPU/Memory scaler: Add support for scale to zero if there are multiple triggers(#4269)
  • Redis Scalers: Allow scaling using redis stream length (#4277)
  • Redis Scalers: Allow scaling using consumer group lag (#3127)


  • General: Add a Prometheus metric for measuring the processing loop lag (#4702)
  • General: Add a Prometheus metric with KEDA build info (#4647)
  • General: Allow to change the port of the Admission Webhook (#468)
  • General: Enable secret scanning in GitHub repo
  • General: Metrics Adapter: remove deprecated Prometheus Metrics and non-gRPC code (#3930)
  • General: Kubernetes v1.25, v1.26 or v1.27 are supported
  • AWS DynamoDB: Add support for indexName (#4680)
  • Azure Data Explorer Scaler: Use azidentity SDK (#4489)
  • External Scaler: Add tls options in TriggerAuth metadata. (#3565)
  • GCP PubSub Scaler: Make it more flexible for metrics (#4243)
  • GitHub Runner Scaler: Added support for GitHub App authentication (#4651)
  • Kafka Scaler: Add support for OAuth extensions (#4544)
  • NATS JetStream Scaler: Add support for pulling AccountID from TriggerAuthentication (#4586)
  • PostgreSQL Scaler: Replace lib/pq with pgx (#4704)
  • Prometheus Scaler: Add support for Google Managed Prometheus (#467)
  • Pulsar Scaler: Improve error messages for unsuccessful connections (#4563)
  • RabbitMQ Scaler: Add support for unsafeSsl in trigger metadata (#4448)
  • RabbitMQ Scaler: Add support for workloadIdentityResource and utilize AzureAD Workload Identity for HTTP authorization (#4716)
  • Solace Scaler: Add new messageReceiveRateTarget metric to Solace Scaler (#4665)


  • General: Allow to remove the finalizer even if the ScaledObject isn't valid (#4396)
  • General: Check ScaledObjects with multiple triggers with non unique name in the Admission Webhook (#4664)
  • General: Grafana Dashboard: Fix HPA metrics panel to use range instead of instant (#4513)
  • General: Grafana Dashboard: Fix HPA metrics panel by replacing $namepsace to $exported_namespace due to label conflict (#4539)
  • General: ScaledJob: Check if MaxReplicaCount is nil before access to it (#4568)
  • AWS SQS Scaler: Respect scaleOnInFlight value (#4276)
  • Azure Monitor: Exclude Azure Monitor scaler from metricName deprecation (#4713)
  • Azure Pipelines: Respect all required demands (#4404)
  • Kafka Scaler: Add back strings.TrimSpace() function for saslAuthType (#4689)
  • NATS Jetstream Scaler: Fix compatibility if node is not advertised (#4524)
  • Prometheus Metrics: Create e2e tests for all exposed Prometheus metrics (#4127)


You can find all deprecations in this overview and join the discussion here.

New deprecation(s):

  • Azure Data Explorer: Deprecate metadata.clientSecret (#4514)


  • General: Add e2e test for external push scaler (#2698)
  • General: Automatically scale test clusters in/out to reduce environmental footprint & improve cost-efficiency (#4456)
  • General: Bump Golang to 1.20 (#4517)
  • General: Bump kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime to v0.15.0 and code alignment (#4582)
  • General: Drop a transitive dependency on (#4364)
  • General: Fix odd number of arguments passed as key-value pairs for logging (#4368)
  • General: Refactor several functions for Status & Conditions handling into pkg util functions (#2906)
  • General: Stop logging errors for paused ScaledObject (with annotation) by skipping reconciliation loop for the object (stop the scale loop and delete the HPA) (#4253)
  • General: Trying to prevent operator crash when accessing ScaledObject.Status.ScaleTargetGVKR (#4389)
  • General: Use default metrics provider from (#4473)

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