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KEDA 2.1.0

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3 years ago

We are happy to release KEDA v2.1.0 🎉

Here are some highlights:

  • Introduction of ClusterTriggerAuthentication for cluster-wide trigger authentication
  • Introducing new InfluxDB, MongoDB & OpenStack Swift scaler
  • Improvements to AWS Cloudwatch, Azure Event Hub, Kafka & Redis scalers
  • Automatically determine the RabbitMQ protocol (when possible)
  • Support for Redis clusters
  • Performance improvements

Learn how to deploy KEDA by reading our documentation.


  • Global authentication credentials can be managed using ClusterTriggerAuthentication objects (#1452)
  • Introducing InfluxDB scaler (#1239)
  • Introducing OpenStack Swift scaler (#1342)
  • Support for Redis clusters in Redis list & Redis streams scalers (#1437)
  • Use Pod Identity with Azure Event Hub scaler (#994)
  • Automatically determine the RabbitMQ protocol when possible
  • Support for setting the RabbitMX protocol via TriggerAuthentication (#1459, #1483)
  • Support for multi-dimensional metrics in AWS Cloudwatch Scaler (#1230)
  • Show MIN/MAX replica counts when using kubectl get scaledobject/scaledjob (#1534)
  • Introducing MongoDB scaler (#1467)


  • Support add ScaledJob's label to its job (#1311)
  • Override the vhost on a RabbitMQ scaler via vhostName in the metadata (#1451)
  • Bug fix in aws_iam_authorization to utilize correct secret from env key name (#1332)
  • Add metricName field to postgres scaler and auto generate if not defined (#1381)
  • Mask password in postgres scaler auto generated metricName (#1381)
  • Bug fix for pending jobs in ScaledJob's accurateScalingStrategy (#1323)
  • Fix memory leak because of unclosed scalers (#1413)
  • Optimize Kafka scaler's getLagForPartition function (#1464)
  • Reduce unnecessary /scale requests from ScaledObject controller (#1453)
  • Add support for the WATCH_NAMESPACE environment variable to the operator (#1474)
  • Improve performance when fetching pod information (#1457)
  • Improve performance when fetching current scaling information on Deployments (#1458)
  • Improve error reporting in prometheus scaler (#1497)
  • Check that metricNames are unique in ScaledObject (#1390)
  • Serve OpenAPI spec from KEDA Metrics Apiserver (#1512)
  • Fix unnecessary HPA updates when Resource based Trigger is used (#1541)

Breaking Changes



  • Bump go module version to v2 (#1324)

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