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KEDA 2.0.0-beta

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pre-release3 years ago


  • KEDA scales any CustomResource that implements Scale subresource (#703)
  • Provide KEDA go-client (#494)
  • Define KEDA readiness and liveness probes (#788)
  • KEDA Support for configurable scaling behavior in HPA v2beta2 (#802)
  • Add External Push scaler (#820 | docs)
  • Add Standard Resource metrics to KEDA (#874)
  • Managed Identity support for Azure Monitor scaler (#936)
  • Add support for multiple triggers on ScaledObject (#476)
  • Add consumer offset reset policy option to Kafka scaler (#925)
  • Add option to restore to original replica count after ScaledObject's deletion (#219)
  • Add Prometheus metrics for KEDA Metrics API Server (#823 | docs)
  • Add support for multiple redis list types in redis list scaler (#1006) | docs)
  • Introduce Azure Log Analytics scaler (#1061) | docs)
  • Add Metrics API Scaler (#1026)


  • Move from autoscaling v2beta1 to v2beta2 for HPA (#721)
  • Introduce shortnames for CRDs (#774)
  • Improve kubectl get scaledobject to show related trigger authentication (#777)
  • Improve kubectl get triggerauthentication to show information about configured parameters (#778)
  • Added ScaledObject Status Conditions to display status of scaling (#750)
  • Added optional authentication parameters for the Redis Scaler (#962)
  • Improved GCP PubSub Scaler performance by closing the client correctly (#1087)

Breaking Changes

  • Change apiGroup from to (#552)
  • Introduce a separate ScaledObject and ScaledJob(#653)
  • Remove New() and Close() from the interface of service ExternalScaler in externalscaler.proto.
  • Removed deprecated brokerList for Kafka scaler (#882)
  • All scalers metadata that is resolved from the scaleTarget environment have suffix FromEnv added. e.g: connection -> connectionFromEnv
  • Kafka: split metadata and config for SASL and TLS (#1074)
  • Service Bus: queueLength is now called messageCount (#1109)
  • Use host instead of apiHost in rabbitmq scaler. Add protocol in trigger spec to specify which protocol should be used (#1115)


  • Update Operator SDK and k8s deps (#1007,#870)
  • Change Metrics Server image name from keda-metrics-adapter to keda-metrics-apiserver (#1105)

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