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KEDA 1.0.0

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4 years ago

The KEDA team is thrilled to announced our 1.0 release 🎉

The team feels confident you can begin to use KEDA in production workloads. We couldn't have gotten here without the support and contributions of the community.

KEDA Resources

Improvements from the v0.x releases

  • Many more scalers added
  • Scaler extensibility (run scalers in a different container and communicate with KEDA via gRPC)
  • TriggerAuthentication and Pod Identity for identity based auth that can be shared across deployments
  • Schedule jobs on events in addition scaling out deployments
  • Additional tests and automation through GitHub Actions

Breaking changes from v0.x releases

  • RabbitMQ host property now must resolve from a secret (#347)

If you have any additional issues, feel free to report. You can also pin to kedacore/keda:0.2 for a version of KEDA before major breaks and refactoring was introduced.

Thank You!

Thank you to all those who have contributed through feedback, docs, code, scalers, and more. We look forward to improving the event driven on Kubernetes story moving forward. Please see our contribution guide if you are interested in contributing moving forward.

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