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[2024-03-26] makemhr-7dcb770

pre-release18 days ago


  • bcf4d6b: Use a more appropriate type for an array offset (Chris Robinson)
  • ed33eb1: Fix uhjencoder's fallback channel IDs (Chris Robinson)
  • f7c5237: Avoid pointer arithmetic with near-field filter mixing (Chris Robinson)
  • 3e117dc: Avoid pointer arithmetic with HRTF storage (Chris Robinson)
  • 68b135a: Simplify calculating the 90-degree phase shift FIR filter (Chris Robinson)
  • a0e9da2: Remove an unused initializer (Chris Robinson)
  • 94a6230: Don't try to sort an empty list (Chris Robinson)
  • 7af672e: Change a couple string literals to string_view literals (Chris Robinson)
  • 937b9e7: Fix value truncation warning (Chris Robinson)
  • 756b50b: Suppress warnings about using hardware_interference_size (Chris Robinson)
  • d60a9f9: Return a vector of strings for enumeration from the backends (Chris Robinson)
  • 10a8756: Make an operator bool explicit (Chris Robinson)
  • 7dcb770: Avoid repeating the return type (Chris Robinson)

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