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v2.1.0 - Testnet 1 - FishHashPlus - KarlsenHashV2

pre-release27 days ago

Mandatory Testnet Update

This release is a mandatory update for testnet-1 introducing KarlsenHashV2 algorithm improvements. This release is intended to be used only in testnet-1. Please don't try use it in mainnet, it will immediately return with non-zero exit code.

  • New version of the KarlsenHashV2 algorithm implementing a patch from IronFish algorithm audit suggestion.
  • Hardfork at DAA score of 6,000,000, approximately Thu Mar 31 08:30:00 PM UTC 2024.

Additional Information

In the course of a security review of FishHash, a recommendation was made to modify the algorithm to slightly improve it. This suggestion does not have an immediate effect on safety or security, but it was recommended to implement the change. The modifications have been made publicly accessible for review at the following URL: Lolliedieb/FishHashMiner@5d94a52


Instructions are the same as for v2.0.0-testnet-1-fishhash and can be found here:


Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release:

A very huge kudos is given to @Lolliedieb for his exceptional work on the FishHash algorithm and for his assistance in addressing questions!

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