github k9mail/k-9 5.735
K-9 Mail v5.735 (broken)

Note: This crashes when non-IMAP accounts are set up. Please wait for 5.736.

  • Added back support for IMAP IDLE (Push)
  • Show unread count on account list in drawer
  • Added 'search everywhere' to menu when displaying results of a search in a single folder
  • Long-pressing the subject when viewing a message now copies the text to the clipboard
  • Removed "Notification opens unread messages" setting
  • Honor expunge policy when deleting messages without Trash folder (IMAP)
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to remote search (IMAP)
  • Fixed instances where the system language instead of the app language was used for some texts
  • Fixed bug that prevented forwarding encrypted attachments
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Updated translations
latest releases: 5.902, 5.901, 5.900...
pre-release3 months ago