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K-9 Mail v5.700

  • Major redesign of the user interface
  • Temporarily disabled Push (IMAP IDLE) until we can make it work reliable; your accounts will be polled every 15 minutes instead
  • Deprecated support for the WebDAV protocol; new accounts can no longer be added
  • K-9 Mail now requires Android 5.0 and newer
  • Added support for Autocrypt setup message
  • Added support for encrypted subjects
  • Allow installation on external media (Android 6+ with adopted storage)
  • Removed the broken option to store the message database on external storage
  • Removed the 'remote control' interface third-party apps could use to change some settings in K-9 Mail
  • Fixed a lot of bugs and probably introduced some new ones. Please report bugs.
latest releases: 5.902, 5.901, 5.900...
pre-release22 months ago