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K-9 Mail v5.200

Changes in 5.200:

  • Fixed bug with status display of signed messages
  • Updated translations

Changes 5.200-RC2:

  • Fixed crash when opening attached messages
  • Don't crash when message list contains messages for which we couldn't extract a preview

Changes in 5.200-RC1:

  • Added support for PGP/MIME
  • Added support for bundled notifications on Android 7+ and Android Wear
  • New option: only notify for messages from contacts
  • Ask for confirmation on "mark all as read"
  • Added support for sub-folders (WebDAV)
  • Added support for List-Post header
  • Added support for Server Name Indication
  • Disabled support for SSLv3 protocol/ciphers and all RC4 ciphers
  • Removed support for APG (use OpenKeychain instead)
  • Added server settings for more providers
  • Added translations: Bulgarian, Persian (Farsi), Croatian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Serbian
  • Lots of smaller bug fixes and features
latest releases: 5.901, 5.900, 5.806...
4 years ago