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K-9 Mail v5.108 (alpha)

  • Added rudimentary support for reading and composing PGP/MIME messages
  • Added support for stacked single message notifications on Android Wear
  • Added setting to disable notifications during quiet time
  • Added setting to show confirmation dialog when discarding message
  • Added option to copy sender/recipient addresses to clipboard
  • Show warning when user tries to send an email without a subject
  • New database structure; temporarily disables fulltext search
  • Allow importing of settings created with newer versions of K-9 Mail
  • Added support for Server Name Indication
  • Disabled support for SSLv3 protocol/ciphers and all RC4 ciphers
  • Fixed bug where third-party apps couldn't delete messages from certain folders
  • Fixed bug in settings export with certain folder names
  • IMAP: Fall back to LOGIN command when AUTHENTICATE PLAIN fails
  • Added auto-configuration support for more providers
  • Added translations for Persian (Farsi) and Slovenian
  • Updated translations
  • More bug fixes
latest releases: 5.902, 5.901, 5.900...
pre-release5 years ago