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K-9 Mail v5.000 RC1 (almost stable)

Changes in v5.000 RC1:

  • K-9 Mail now requires at least Android 4.0.3
  • Added support for OpenPGP API v3 (get OpenKeychain)
  • Added ability to use client certificates for authentication
  • Enabled support for TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2
  • Added SSL/TLS session caching
  • Offer encrypted connection by default when manually setting up an account
  • Simplified options for authentication and security
  • Removed auto-configuration settings for all providers that didn't support encrypted connections
  • Added privacy setting to omit the User-Agent header
  • Added privacy setting to use UTC as timezone in mail headers
  • Finer grained control for notifications
  • Added support for delete confirmations in the message list
  • Added the option to show the password when setting up new accounts
  • Added a slider to allow picking a font size for the message body (40% to 250%) in settings
  • Added support for KitKat's Storage Access Framework that allows you to attach multiple files at once
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Updated translations
latest releases: 5.901, 5.900, 5.806...
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