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K-9 Mail v4.901 (alpha)

Changes in v4.901:

  • Added a slider to allow picking a font size for the message body (40% to 250%) in settings
  • Added support for KitKat's Storage Access Framework that allows you to attach multiple files at once
  • Added support for apps that don't know how to properly use Android's 'share' functionality
  • Fixed a bug with IMAP Push that could cause excessive battery drain
  • Another attempt at working around the display bug on Asus Transformer devices
  • Don't lose formatting of the quoted message when changing orientation while replying
  • Disabled pull-to-refresh in search views where remote search isn't allowed
  • More bug fixes
  • Updated Japanese translation
latest releases: 5.902, 5.901, 5.900...
pre-release7 years ago