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This release updates Kubernetes to v1.29.3, and fixes a number of issues.

For more details on what's new, see the Kubernetes release notes.

Changes since v1.29.2+k3s1:

  • Testing ADR (#9562)
  • Unit Testing Matrix and Actions bump (#9479)
  • Update install test OS matrix (#9480)
  • Update klipper-lb image version (#9488)
  • Add an integration test for flannel-backend=none (#9582)
  • Better GitHub CI caching strategy for golang (#9495)
  • Correct formatting of GH PR sha256sum artifact (#9472)
  • Rootless mode also bind service nodePort to host for LoadBalancer type (#9512)
    • Rootless mode should also bind service nodePort to host for LoadBalancer type, matching UX of rootful mode.
  • Fix coredns NodeHosts on dual-stack clusters (#9584)
  • Tweak netpol node wait logs (#9581)
  • Fix issue with etcd node name missing hostname (#9522)
  • Bump helm-controller/klipper-helm versions (#9595)
  • Update stable channel to v1.28.7+k3s1 (#9615)
  • Reenable Install and Snapshotter Testing (#9601)
  • Move docker tests into tests folder (#9555)
  • Fix setup-go typo (#9634)
  • Fix additional corner cases in registries handling (#9556)
  • Fix snapshot prune (#9502)
  • Use and version flannel/cni-plugin properly (#9635)
    • The embedded flannel cni-plugin binary is now built and versioned separate from the rest of the cni plugins and the embedded flannel controller.
  • Bump spegel (#9599)
    • Bump spegel to v0.0.18-k3s3
    • Adds wildcard registry support
    • Fixes issue with excessive CPU utilization while waiting for containerd to start
    • Add env var to allow spegel mirroring of latest tag
  • Chore(deps): Remediating CVEs found by trivy; CVE-2023-45142 on otelrestful and CVE-2023-48795 on (#9513)
  • Fix: use correct wasm shims names (#9519)
  • Fix wildcard with embbeded registry test (#9649)
  • Disable color outputs using NO_COLOR env var (#9357)
    • To enable raw output for the check-config subcommand, you may now set NO_COLOR=1
  • Improve tailscale e2e test (#9586)
  • Adjust first node-ip based on configured clusterCIDR (#9520)
  • Bump Trivy version (#9528)
  • Include flannel version in flannel cni plugin version (#9648)
    • The flannel controller version is now reported as build metadata on the flannel cni plugin version.
  • Enable E2E tests on GitHub Actions (#9660)
  • Bump metrics-server to v0.7.0 (#9673)
  • Bump upload and download actions to v4 (#9666)
  • Warn and suppress duplicate registry mirror endpoints (#9697)
    • K3s will now warn and suppress duplicate entries in the mirror endpoint list for a registry. Containerd does not support listing the same endpoint multiple times as a mirror for a single upstream registry.
  • Remove repetitive words (#9671)
  • Run Subset of Docker tests in GitHub Actions (#9698)
  • Fix wildcard entry upstream fallback (#9729)
  • Update to v1.29.3-k3s1 and Go 1.21.8 (#9747)

Embedded Component Versions

Component Version
Kubernetes v1.29.3
Kine v0.11.4
SQLite 3.44.0
Etcd v3.5.9-k3s1
Containerd v1.7.11-k3s2
Runc v1.1.12-k3s1
Flannel v0.24.2
Metrics-server v0.7.0
Traefik v2.10.5
CoreDNS v1.10.1
Helm-controller v0.15.9
Local-path-provisioner v0.0.26

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