github k0sproject/k0s v0.13.0

Changelog since 0.12.1


  • Add all worker flags to controller and install commands #820 by @0SkillAllLuck
  • Extended k0s version command #821
  • Configuration for calico IP6_AUTODETECTION_METHOD env variable #816
  • Possibility to advertise different ports for components #804
  • kube-router as new default CNI #779
  • Builds for armv7 #779

Maintenance (the non-visible stuff)

  • Refactoring of cobra commands and flags #784 #822
  • Use fmt.Errorf everywhere #826

Breaking changes

The new default CNI is kube-router. If you have been running previous version of k0s with Calico CNI you must ensure the configuration given to k0s controller has Calico specified as the CNI if upgrading to 0.13+ version of k0s.

2 days ago