github juzzlin/Heimer 2.2.0

New features:

  • Fix GitHub Issue #126: Extending limit of the canvas/background

    • The drawing area is now unlimited
  • Fix GitHub Issue #128: Make it possible to connect selected nodes

    • Nodes can be connected in the selection order via Edit menu
  • Fix GitHub Issue #133: Make it possible to disconnect selected nodes

    • Selected nodes can be disconnected via Edit menu

Bug fixes:

  • Fix the way a node is selected on right-click

  • Fix copy paste from background context menu

  • Disable optimization buttons when optimization in progress

  • Don't create Text element if edge text is empty

  • Don't create Text element if node text is empty


  • Make a distinction between general colors and node colors

  • Make zooming nonlinear and increase range

  • Make pasting of big group of nodes much faster

  • Clear selected nodes when a handle of unselected node is clicked

latest releases: 2.6.0, 2.5.0, 2.4.0...
6 months ago